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What We Did:

Final Marketing Brochure

The team at NZRO recognized they were so deeply ingrained in the intricacies of creating NZRO itself that producing a brochure to speak to the average consumer proved challenging. They identified the need to “get out of their own way” and hired us to build a go-to-market piece for the everyday investor.


The “O” is used to create a target like approach to the NZRO mission. It reinforces the ZERO carbon emissions and is a frame for the logo mark. The use of the full periodic table representation of Oxygen is a nod to the greater good NZRO is doing and leaning into the science piece of the brand. The subtly to the periodic table numbers support the larger O and add validity to the overall end goal, they also add visual appeal and balance the strong nature scenes used throughout the piece.

Our Solution:

Once equipped with brand guidelines and goals for the brochure, our team was able to let the creative juices flow. Knowing that NZRO was created not simply as a shiny new ETF ticker but as a component of ownership for individuals to invest in something bigger than themselves, we came together on the hook: Invest in Sustainability Today and Enjoy a Greener Tomorrow. NZRO was offering investors more than an asset; it provided the opportunity to reverse climate change and become a part of history.

The visuals began to come together when the creative team expanded on the idea to base the imagery on the periodic table symbol for Oxygen.

We dialed in the messaging strategy, and viola! A piece that was skimmable but contained significant substance.

Words + pictures working together.

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