What We Did:
Brand Identity
Logo Creation
Style Guide

The partnership with JuryLogic put the “playfully serious” piece of our brand essence to the test. When the owner came to us for help defining their brand identity, we were instantly intrigued.

JuryLogic’s engaging market research business is built on fun. They gather data for high-profile clients and overall social analysis. When you envision a jury-packed courtroom, one can almost immediately sense intimidation and repression of opinion. JuryLogic is just the opposite, opening the flood gates for the public to speak their mind and experience the joy of such freedom in an open and anonymous setting.

We developed a custom illustration library based on the business’ playful foundation to create a captivating visual experience. In addition, our copywriting team developed witty and compelling content to complement the imagery. We coined the term “currently curious,” along with other animated lines and puns to emphasize the free-spirited nature of the brand. This combination of words and pictures working hand-in-hand is the essence of how great brands are built.

Our partnership with the JuryLogic team remains as fun and as engaging as day one!

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