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LRC is a Natural Resources firm specializing in Streams, Wetlands, Water Quality, and Wildlife Biology. They work with clients to find a balance between progress and conservation. But what does the progressive team do we they need to move their brand forward? They call Pitch & Catch.

The brand was facing a challenge; the owner carried the majority of the brand and marketing awareness within their target region. Her ask? Rebuild the brand to merge the owner’s marketability with the company’s image.

This challenge, along with the owner’s desire to work less in the business and more on the business, led us to not only rebuild the brand but also streamline her team’s tools to ensure the recreated company image was sophisticated and high-quality for every engagement. For the logo, our team incorporated the “R” from the owner’s name, Rachele, into the company monogram, which is reminiscent of the natural river flow system. The logo as a whole fits into a perfect square, which is aesthetically pleasing from a civil engineer’s perspective.

Within the brand collateral, we were tasked with the challenge to portray the expertise and peace of mind that clients feel when Little River is on the job. Their target markets includes engineering firms, municipalities, and schools, which led us in the direction to appeal to that audience via website design. Our copywriting team took this information into account when constructing project write-ups and style guides for internal use.

The brand colors were chosen as a result of the “nature” of the business and foundations of reliability, creativity, and experience. It is a serene color palette derived from the colors of the four seasons. 

PMS 5615C
CMYK: 66, 35, 64, 14
RGB: 92, 125, 102
HEX: #5c7d66

PMS 7619C
CMYK: 18, 84, 85, 7
RGB: 192, 74, 56
HEX: #c04a38

PMS 4026C
CMYK: 24, 41, 87, 3
RGB: 192, 147, 66
HEX: #c09342

PMS 2236C
CMYK: 80, 32, 40, 5
RGB: 47, 134, 143
HEX: #2f868f

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