The Refinery Hair Lounge

The Refinery Hair Lounge

What We Did:
Logo Development 
Brand Identity
Marketing Materials
Exterior Signage

We partnered with the Refinery Hair Lounge to create a logo representing two things: their hometown city of Louisville without using a fleur de lis or the skyline, and to ensure the welcoming feel of a salon for all people. We put our Kentucky roots to work to build the look and feel of a perfect mark, bringing to life their requested salon vibe. In the final logo, you’ll see a deconstructed rose resembling a wax seal – a nod to the Run for the Roses and our beloved Kentucky bourbon.

When composing the final color palette, we paid a visit to the space the owners proudly built together, bringing their interior salon design to life through the branding elements and colors. This made for some pretty cool swag they are happy to share with friends and clients!

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