What We Did:
Discovery Session
Web Development
Lifestye Photography
Food & Beverage Photography

Thorntons is a daily staple for many of us across the United States, so when we had the opportunity to partner with them, we jumped at the chance!

Our team built an entirely new web experience for Thorntons Guests to enjoy while integrating their already amazing rewards program.

Discovery Session

We started by listening to Thorntons’ goals, objectives, and brand needs. Then, we stripped back the current user experience to bare bones to obtain the clearest picture of how to best serve Thorntons’ Guests. Our team aided in crafting exactly who the ideal user was on the Thorntons website. Through a series of sessions, we were able to define that Thorntons Guests expect a service that is “Fast, Friendly and Genuine.” Target audience in addition to Guest expectations allowed us to dive into the design and structure of the new website.

Once the structure and design process was complete our digital development team began back-end construction, and our creative team turned their focus on preparing for the lifestyle and food photoshoot.

The all-new Thorntons website now lives at and is regarded as a complete home run by the entire Thorntons enterprise. The new user experience combines ease of use with eye-catching delight. The Pitch & Catch team continues to lead all updates and maintenance on the website.

Brand Attributes




34 - 50 years old
Works in Transportation/Construction. Loves his morning coffee and donuts. Stops in regularly for that quick on the go fountain drink and Fresh Food.


25 - 40 years old
Always on the run to get her kids to practice on time. She loves running into Thorntons to grab a healthy snack and beverage to hold the family over until dinner time.


We partnered with Thorntons’ Team Members and Guests for an on-location photoshoot to capture the stunning images and video you see on their website today. Our goal was to evoke genuine emotion and appeal in both the experience and the product. 

Our team utilized natural light as much as possible to craft an authentic feel. We conducted extensive research while on location as we observed our audience personas visit Thorntons throughout the day. 

Such observations helped us obtain the information we needed to fully understand the mannerisms of the Thorntons Guests as they experienced their visit to the particular location.


Thorntons has invested a great amount of time over the years to build their Fresh Foods platform. For example, their donuts are made fresh every single day and they hand roll every single burrito. In order to exude such intentional authenticity, we approached the food photography with a vision of “perfectly imperfect.”

Each shot was taken at the same angle, with the same lighting, producing a result that enabled beverages to be paired with food on a variety of surfaces.

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