Thorntons 50 Year Mark


What We Did:

50th Anniversary Mark
Custom Pattern

Thorntons hit a huge milestone in 2021 and we were thrilled when they asked us to be a part of it. May marked their 50th anniversary and they were in need of a unique mark to celebrate the accomplishment.

We were able to capture Thorntons’ rich history by digging into their library of archived imagery to develop the foundational build direction. Once we had the strategy nailed down and the most iconic pieces selected, the creative team developed one-of-a-kind illustrations as background patterns to support the iconic 50th-anniversary “THORNTONS” awning mark. It truly is a visual snapshot of Thorntons past fifty years!

Not only does this mark hold a place on the new website, but it is displayed in stores across the United States. We are extremely proud to have been a part of this celebration.

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